FEATURED HIGHLIGHT:   lead of service

Partnered with Service Coach and fellow Service lead to raise conversion from 10% to 15% average between June-November. Was able to increase overall satisfaction rate (OSAT) via store surveys from 75 to 82. 

Honestly it was the best service I have ever experienced. I even
ended up spending a little more than I was planning but it was really
worthwhile to get the right product with such fantastic service.
— Pulse Shoutout
LUIS invited me to NRC events and I can
honestly say I’m very interested in doing some thing like that because of
the service the team brought.”
— Pulse Shoutout

RUN CLUB COORDINATOR: Baptist Health South Beach Run Club Powered by NRC Coordinator. Fostered relationships with local businesses like Salty Donut and Shake Shack for continued partnerships. 

RUNNING CLINIC: Created, scheduled and organized the 1st floor running clinic. I partnered with DTC EKIN Sebastian and Sound Off headphones to showcase the NRC Guided runs and partnered with WHQ for a feedback survey. 

VIP SHOPPING EVENTS: Assisted in Organizing and planning private VIP in-store events.

NIKE+ TRAINING CLUB: Assisted in facilitating NTC.

PINEAPPLE PACER TOWN HALL: Organized our first pacer town hall and created and distributed the Pineapple Pacer Handbook. Half NRC truths, half Frankie Ruiz truths.